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Bou-ti-fal !!!

In Footy by JMoola

Not much else to say but WHAT… A… GOAL Love Sofiane, we should built a team around him… COYS  

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Uncertainty leaps into consciousness

In life by JMoola

The BBC published an interesting read on the possible link between the human mind and quantum physics. It is accepted that by solely observing a quantum experiment, the observer influences its result. The article reports that researchers are considering whether consciousness could arise from quantum mechanics and it is argued that the micro cellular structure of our brain could support this …

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My (second) R….

In IT by JMoola

I’ve been thinking of improving my technical and especially data analysis skills l. Considering that I want to improve my programming language skills too, Java and R seemed both pretty much on the money. Here’s a run down of my experience and learning processes for (my second) R: R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics supported by the …

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Lifetab E8201T windows 10 on the go

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On a whim, I got this dead cheap windows 10 8inch tablet for about 90CHF. That’s about the price of a standalone windows 10 license. So why and what for?. Honestly, the price was the main factor. Then came the fact that I’ve been lugging around my laptop and a small windows tablet would allow me to do certain …

Open Kitchen

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Open Kitchen what effect I would like to achieve by opening up kitchen and dining area. Nice light and spacious.