Linux me your aspire 1810tz

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Working on development capabilities and decided that the mobile workhorse should be my 2010 Aspire 1810TZ.

With win7 struggling on the dual processor, makes sense to switch to a lighter OS so going Saucy on the mini beast. It was easy, just got a cheap USB drive to boot from, waiting few minutes and got a pretty login prompt following a coup of line errors.

Only needed a couple of must have desktop (Java, Filezilla, VLC, Skype, Eclipse, Squirrel, Chrome, steam and as such) and server (lamp) apps to feel home.

Wifi and bluetooth connectivity was a breeze and picked up the sgs3 tethering and sounds of the h8000 logitec headset nice and easy. Need to move off GUI and on to command line in order not to miss a wireless mouse.

Damn it… Cyndi thought the Aspire was touchscreen… Ah well might have to get the S3 now