Lifetab E8201T windows 10 on the go

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On a whim, I got this dead cheap windows 10 8inch tablet for about 90CHF. That’s about the price of a standalone windows 10 license.

So why and what for?.

Honestly, the price was the main factor. Then came the fact that I’ve been lugging around my laptop and a small windows tablet would allow me to do certain desktop activities on the go.

Choosing Windows over android was a risk which probably hasn’t paid off as you can’t really translate desktop activities and usage onto such a small touch intensive format.. Good bye Chrome for example which really isn’t touch friendly. However, to browse using Edge, consuming media remotely from my home NAS or being to run or log in to desktop only apps is the main benefit… Touch Keyboard is slow and frustrating compared to say SwiftKey on the Android

The tablet itself is average. Specs are really budget, touch screen can be pretty unresponsive , speaker and webcam are rubbish. Screen is ok but not Gorilla level so scratches galore (actually realised there was a filter on the screen so once I took it off, the screen became  a bit easier to handle.

Overall experience is very average and I find myself switching to my mobile whenever I need speedy actions…(although after a few days I kinda got the jest of the tablet and started

So am I disappointed? Not really…It serves its purpose where having windows 10 desktop is useful and doesn’t duplicate the features on my android phone. I need to investigate and find touch friendly apps probably via the windows store (ftp client etc..) and consider how best to use it (and how best to setup windows(ie get out of tablet mode).

– I bought a logitech keys the go (a tiny bluetooth keyboard) which makes typing posts or blogs already so much easier (I love you Logitech… ).
– It also helps being able to use keyboard shortcuts on Windows Apps (Edge for tabs for example ( -now need to figure out more Win10 shortcuts avoiding touching the screen)

– Was looking for a tiny bluetooth mouse but couldn’t find one in my very small Interdiscount, wondering if I should have looked around for a tiny keyboard with mouse integration… Actually got the MX Anywhere 2 from Logitech – another marvel of engineering from this Swiss peripherals company…   Review here

But for the price, I have a tiny desktop and that’s, as a conclusion, pretty damn cool.

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