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My (second) R….

In IT by JMoola

I’ve been thinking of improving my technical and especially data analysis skills l. Considering that I want to improve my programming language skills too, Java and R seemed both pretty much on the money. Here’s a run down of my experience and learning processes for (my second) R: R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics supported by the …

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Lifetab E8201T windows 10 on the go

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On a whim, I got this dead cheap windows 10 8inch tablet for about 90CHF. That’s about the price of a standalone windows 10 license. So why and what for?. Honestly, the price was the main factor. Then came the fact that I’ve been lugging around my laptop and a small windows tablet would allow me to do certain …

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Notes makes sense: three is the perfect number

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Taking the train every day means I need something a bit more portable than the UX302LG to work and surf on. There is just no way to pull out the 13 inch laptop in a busy 2nd class compartment. With my abo up for renewal, I thought long and hard about which mobile would make sense… So have got the …