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Linux me your aspire 1810tz

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Working on development capabilities and decided that the mobile workhorse should be my 2010 Aspire 1810TZ. With win7 struggling on the dual processor, makes sense to switch to a lighter OS so going Saucy on the mini beast. It was easy, just got a cheap USB drive to boot from, waiting few minutes and got a pretty login prompt following …

The simple

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Consider the prerequisite to facilitate exchanges of requirements and considerations. The first action should be to acclaim each request.  Understanding the complexity derived from opportunities sought, translates to unknotting and rationalisation. Make sense of demands and deliver a conditionality.  If, then, else.

Business Case for a CMS

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Thinking of a CMS for your company? You are going to be making some important decision on its behalf, and our goal is to provide as much relevant information and expertise as possible. As an example and depending on your role within your CMS project, you may wish to consider the following As a Project Champion The Business Case for …